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Become More Attractive To Sellers As A Pre-Approved Buyer

Most realtors and sellers in today’s competitive market will require buyers to get fully Pre-Approved before even starting to house hunt.  This is a great idea to protect yourself and will ensure that any potential issues are handled, and there are no surprises during the underwriting of your new loan.

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Before You Start Your Home Search, Protect Yourself with a Full Mortgage Pre-Approval.

Edge Home Finance can help you get Pre-Approved and on your way to home ownership! Simply fill out our mortgage approval form securely on our website. With a pre-approval letter in hand, you know that you are fully pre-approved subject to finding your new home.  It will also help keep your home search on target and within your budget, saving you valuable time in your search.

Most realtors and sellers in today’s market require buyers to get pre-approved before starting to house hunt. A full mortgage Pre-Approval Letter can help you narrow your search to find exactly the home you need. It also ensures that your underwriting process will go much smoother.

Credit… It Matters! We Can Help You Determine How Your Credit Looks.

Underwriters look at your payment history, income, and current debts to determine how likely you are to pay your loan each month. The number value assigned to your “reliability” is known as your credit score and is one of the biggest factors in getting approved for a mortgage.

There are many websites that allow you to quickly check your credit & credit score for free.  Please contact me and we can access your free report to see how things look for your underwriting process.

If you have a credit score below 640, we can work on updating or repairing credit in some circumstances.  It’s very important to stay current with all monthly payments and reduce debt where possible to boost your score.

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